VK10 FUTURE 2024. Aranzazu Osoro's blade

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Do you want to test this racket? Discover our test padel racket service.

We present the new padel racket Nox VK10 FUTURE 2024, the racket of Aranzazu Osoro.

The new VK10 maintains aspects of its predecessor as the round format and high reactivity HR3 rubber to control the game from the bottom of the court but presents as a novelty a 12K Aluminized Carbon Fiber finish for a comfortable and solid feel.

The VK10 FUTURE includes the pioneering Smartstrap® replaceable safety lacing system. Improve the hygiene and safety of your racquet by easily replacing the string without losing the warranty by not having to manipulate the bottom cap. More customization options at your fingertips!


Shape Round
Weight 360-375 grams
Core HR3 Core
Frame 100% carbon
Face Carbon Alum 12K
Control 10/10
Stem 9/10


Our players use the standard blades

Team NOX players use the rackets as they are marketed. Feel the same sensations on the court as Miguel Lamperti, Agustín Tapia, the Sánchez Alayeto twins or Aranzazu Osoro!