Agustín Tapia y Nico Gianotti unen fuerzas en pádel - NOX

Agustin Tapia and Nico Gianotti join forces in padel

Historic day at Pádel Indoor Mataró: Agustín Tapia and Nico Gianotti, the number 1 in padel and beach tennis, respec... more

Aprende a responder a una chiquita con Pablo Crosetti - NOX

Learn how to respond to a chiquita with Pablo Crosetti

Do you suffer every time you get a 'chiquita'? Break the strategy of your opponents with the tips shared by Pablo Cr... more

Mejora tu juego de pies con Tresco y Pablo Crosetti - NOX

Improve your footwork with Tresco and Pablo Crosetti

Are you still one of those who crosses your leg on the backhand shots? Give your game a twist with Pablo Crosetti's ... more

Padel UP entrevista a Pablo Crosetti - NOX

Padel UP interviews Pablo Crosetti

Pablo Crosetti, coordinator of the Nox Future Academy and member of Agustín Tapia's technical staff, was the guest o... more

Tresco prueba nuestra nueva colección de palas: ya tiene su favorita para este 2024 - NOX

Tresco test our new collection of padel rackets: he already has his favorite for this 2024

We can now officially say that NOX is the main padel brand of the YouTube channel xTRES Padel. In his first video af... more

Agustín Tapia: Hacia La Cima - NOX

Agustín Tapia: Hacia La Cima

The exciting path of Agustín Tapia: the young Argentine who became the best padel player in the world at the age of ... more