'Agustín Tapia: Hacia La Cima': now available on our official YouTube channel

Today at 7pm "Agustín Tapia: Hacia La Cima", the documentary that narrates the path that the Argentinean player took to become the best padel player in the world at the age of 23, has been released for all the public. Now available on the official NOX YouTube channel.

During the celebration of the Avant Premiere of the audiovisual, last December 18th, Agustín Tapia -excited- said: "If I have to sign this documentary for my whole life, I'll sign it. In a matter of an hour it tells everything I lived through and how far I was able to go. Afterwards, if in the next few years I wasn't number 1, this documentary records the year in which I achieved it and in which I was able to be one of the two best players in the world. That's what the numbers said.

The film exposes, in addition to the intimacy of Agustin and the testimony of different personalities who have accompanied him during the last stretch, his beginnings in the world of padel. During this period he was commonly known as "El Pollito". An affectionate nickname that, with the passage of time and his striking talent on the court, he left behind to become the "Mozart of Catamarca".

The highlight of the story focuses on the memorable final in Vigo, a match catalogued by the prominent sports journalist Nacho Palencia as "the best final in the history of the World Padel Tour". A match of maximum tension that will go down in history for being the moment when Agustín Tapia and Arturo Coello managed to snatch the number 1 ranking from Juan Lebrón and Alejandro Galán.

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