Bahia, Pro Cup and Shotgun: discover the differences between the ML10 Luxury 2024 range

Last September one of NOX's flagship players, the Argentinean Miguel Lamperti, released his new collection of padel rackets. Three innovative models specially designed to accompany the charismatic Miguelito throughout this new season.

What mainly differentiates them from their predecessors?

Like the entire Luxury range of 2024 the three rackets incorporate important modifications in the mold and new technologies to combine the reliability of the classic with the latest market trends, guaranteeing the best sensations on the court. They share significant improvements in aerodynamics and grip achieved with the profiling of the edges of the profiles and the lengthening of the grip, especially beneficial for those players who wield the backhand with two hands.

In terms of technology, one of the highlights is the incorporation of EOS Flap, lateral perforations that have greatly optimized the handling of the racquet and the distribution of weight. In addition, special attention has been paid to the handle of the racket, incorporating Pulse System technology to absorb vibrations. Along the same lines, the patented NOX Custom Grip® technology, certified by Testea Padel, has been incorporated as standard to improve grip and reduce vibrations. Another highlight is the Smartstrap system ®, a pioneering replaceable safety cord that guarantees greater resistance, safety and customizable design.

In terms of playability, all three models offer an intermediate feel that will be familiar to the brand's most loyal followers. Regarding the materials, in order to maintain the essence of previous collections in this new edition we have kept the classic NOX HR3 rubber in the core, the favorite of Miguel Lamperti. Please note that we have increased the hardness of the blades by one point compared to last year.

Once we have reviewed the base that has made this new range of padel rackets such a success , how do you know which model to choose?

To quickly understand their main differences, we have prepared the following infographic. In the stiffness parameter, 100% would be the stiffest racket of our new collection, 50% would correspond to an intermediate touch and 0% to the softest possible touch.

Racket model


Face material



Playing style

ML10 Luxury BAHIA 12K






ML10 PRO CUP Luxury






ML10 Luxury SHOTGUN 18K






As every year, all the blades have been designed according to the preferences of the Canoso de Bahía Blanca, who has contributed in their development and has contributed his point of view to perfect them. The result, three advanced level rackets that adapt to different playing styles.

Get to know the details of each one and find out which one suits you best.

Let's go with the ML10 Pro Cup Luxurythe revolution of the best-selling racquet on the market and the most iconic NOX model. Its round shape and medium balance make it the reference option for players who prioritize control and comfort on the court. Maximum ball output, reliability and precision in your shots, the ball will go where you put the crosshairs without hardly mussing your hair.

Despite the predominant feeling of control, it has just the right amount of stiffness so you can also print power to your shots when you need it. An intermediate feel ideal for those who suffer from arm injuries, you will only have to worry about releasing your best shots at every point!

Do you think the best defense is offense? The ML10 Luxury SHOTGUN 18K is for you.

Although it also has an intermediate feel, its diamond shape and high balance make it the perfect power racquet. The feeling of control may not be as noticeable as with ML10 Pro Cup Luxury but, in line with this entire collection of product, the handling and comfort in hitting is assured. In this case, you will feel like a fish in water especially when you go up to the volley and when you finish off the points, without much effort you will see how you put in trouble any opponent.

Do you prefer something in between the two previous models?

If you think that with the ML10 Pro Cup Luxury you will miss some power but with the ML10 Luxury SHOTGUN 18K you will go too unbridled, opt for the ML10 Luxury BAHIA 12K. ML10 Luxury BAHIA 12K. It sits between the other two options, offering a perfect balance between power and control.

With its teardrop shape and high balance, this racquet is the ideal choice for versatile players looking to adapt to different situations on the court. Like the other two blades, the BAHIA 12K has a rough surface for added spin, providing a similar feel to the SHOTGUN but with an extra point of control.

If you want something more visual to understand the differences between these rackets ....

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Do you also want to try them?

It's time to get on track. You have available the three models on the website of NOX test service so you can judge which is the best according to your preferences. You already know the theory, now it's your turn to play!

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