Pack of 2 SmartStrap® PRO Safety Strap

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Pack of two Nox Smartstrap® single safety cords.

Two colors: black and red.

With the New SmartStrap® replaceable safety cord system you can improve the hygiene and safety of your 2022 Nox racket by easily replacing the cord without losing the warranty by not having to tamper with the bottom cap. More customization options at your fingertips!

Padel accessory compatible for any padel racket.

Why you should change the safety strap on your padel racket? Click here

Our players play with commercial rackets

Team Nox players play with commercial rackets same as the ones you can buy. We don't make any special customizations for them. Feel the same sensations as Miguel Lamperti, Agustín Tapia, the Sánchez Alayeto Twin Sisters, or Aranzazu Osoro!