Sten Richters: Holland's number 1 joins Team NOX

It is a pleasure to announce that the Dutch Sten Richers, current leader of the ranking in his country, joins to reinforce Team NOX. A great player who joins the growing list of number 1 players representing the brand, integrated by references in their respective territories such as Tia Norton (UK), Louie Harris (UK), as well as the also recently incorporated Victoria Kurz (Germany).

The Dutch player has been especially excited to join a team that has leaders of the stature of Agustín Tapia. About his expectations for this new season, he has expressed: "my main goals are to defend my national title in Holland, to finish the year as the number one player in Holland and to enter the top 150 in the world".

In line with his clear tendency to play on the attack, Sten has opted to choose the AT Luxury ATTACK 18K Alum to compete this year. One of the latest padel rackets to be launched in the Luxury range, which with its diamond shape fits perfectly with players looking for maximum power to their shots, providing great comfort especially in the volley and the shot.

Regarding his signing, Jesús Ballvé, General Manager of NOX, said: "We are delighted to welcome Sten Richters to Team NOX, marking a significant milestone by closing our first deal with a Dutch number 1. His leadership in the national ranking and his ambition to excel on a global level are values that fit perfectly with the vision of excellence we pursue at NOX. By adding Sten to our family of ambassadors, we recognize the great potential of the padel market in the Netherlands and look forward to working together to further boost the growth of the sport in the region."

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