NOX launches its first NFT collection and becomes the first padel brand exploring the Metaverse


After major brands worldwide in the sports and fashion sectors have presented in the last 18 months countless collections and projects of NFTs, consolidating their presence in the Metaverse from new lines of business and marketing, NOX is a pioneer in the paddle sector presenting its own collection with a large list of rewards/benefits for their customers. And all this is done with a clear objective of integration with the communities and ecosystems of the Metaverse, expanding its offer and rewarding all their followers.

The technology behind NFTs allows the brand to connect innovatively with its fan community. NOX is setting a precedent in the padel community around the world by launching its new collection through a new channel that allows anyone from around the world to secure numerous advantages and purchase preference on limited edition products.

In addition, NOX has been waiting to launch its collection on Ethereum (the most popular and widely adopted network for digital collectibles) after the "merge"event, after which the energy consumption of this network has been reduced by 99% and thus maintaining its sustainable commitment while making its entry into the Web3 ecosystem.


In the last year, NFTs are living its first golden age. So much so that in 2021 the Collins dictionary called it the word of the year. These digital assets can be acquired in 21 different blockchains. However, Ethereum has accounted for 75% of all the volume traded historically (Source: CryptoSlam). This is because it was the first blockchain to introduce "smart contracts" in 2015, the technology behind these assets.

In Ethereum, the main network by volume marketed and users, only in 2021 15.3 billion dollars were moved, which represented a growth of 40.956% compared to 2020 (Source:NFTGO). In 2022 and until mid-September, the market for NFTs is 20.3 billion dollars, assuming growth compared to 2021 of 133%, despite not having concluded the year. The NFTs on Ethereum have 3.2M unique holders (Source: NFTGO) and an average of 300,000 merchants per month. Clearly, this technology is here to stay.

This trend has been detected by the most innovative companies around the world that have already launched their own collections. Brands such as Nike, Australian Open, La Liga, NBA, NFL,US Open and others have launched their collections in the sports market.

Many other industries have entered this ecosystem. The fashion sector is remarkable with brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Balmain, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana or Yves Saint Laurent.

There are several marketplaces where these digital collectibles are sold, being worthy of mention Opensea, since it is the market leader in volume share marketed with a 67% share in the last three months (Source: NFTGo), but also in the number of users with 64%. It is also the main "unicorn" in the ecosystem of the marketplaces and one of the most important throughout the web3. In this 2022 it raised 300M$ in a round of financing series C, obtaining a valuation of13.300M$.



  • 5 NFTs “unique” 3D of the racket “AT2 GENIUS LTD 2023”(5 different designs: AT2 GENIUS LTD 2023 + 4 versions)
  • 5 NFTs “unique” 3D de la pala “ML10 PRO CUP LTD 2023”(5 different designs: ML10 PRO CUP LTD 2023 + 4 versions)
  •  Sales channel: Public auction in OpenSea.
  • Starting price: 1.500 € (reference value) According to change in Ethereum.
  • Auction period: From 14/10/2022 17:00h to 17/10/2022 17:00h (Spanish time)


  • Limited edition 7.000 copies 3D NFTs: 1/7.000 (of the unique NFT : AT2 GENIUS LTD 2023)
  • Limited edition 3.000 copies 3D NFTs: 1/3.000 (of the unique NFT : ML10 PRO CUP LTD 2023)
  • Sales channel: NOX Web3 from Whitelist from PREMINT.
  • Starting price: 90 € (reference value) According to change in Ethereum.
  • Whitelist Period: From 14/10/2022 17:00h to 29/10/2022 17:00h (Spanish time)


Unique NFTs rewards:

  • Gift of physical racket AT2 GENIUS LTD 2023 or ML10 PRO CUP LTD 2023 (according to NFT purchased)
  • Serial NFT Gift LTD 2023 (according to NFT purchased)
  • 10% discount for life on NOX products. (in NOX online store, linked to ownership of an NFT from the Collection)
  • Players Agustín Tapia or Miguel Lamperti Wearable Gift (according to NFT purchased)
  • Double invitation to the World Padel Tour Barcelona Master Final in December 2022.
  • Delivery in person of the racket LTD 2023 by Agustín Tapia.
  • Decentraland events and exclusive draws

Serial NFTs rewards:

  • Purchase preference of physical rackets LTD 2023 (AT2 GENIUS LTD 2023 or ML10 PRO CUP LTD 2023).The rackets purchased by holders registered in the Whitelist will be sent preferably to any other distribution channel. No waiting, and avoiding possible stock breaks. NOX has reserved 7,000 AT2 GENIUS LTD 2023 and 3,000 ML10 PRO CUPLTD 2023 for the preferred channel of sale to NFTs holders purchased from Premint’s Whitelist, to be sent on a preferential basis to any other distribution channel until November 15, after the deadline for registration in PREMINT Whitelist on October 31. (Acquisition in NOX online store, with automatic recognition ofownership of NFT through wallet)
  • Gift of a BONUS of 180€ to be discounted on the purchase of a racket from the Collection LTD 2023 (AT2 GENIUS LTD 2023 or ML10 PRO CUPLTD 2023).
  • 10% discount for life on NOX products.(in online store NOX, linked to the ownership of an NFT of the Collection)⚬
  • Exclusive Collection Wearables gift for Decentraland to holders of the Premint Whitelist, depending on the NFT they own.
  • Draw of 5 packs of double tickets for the WPT Barcelona Master Final in December 2022.

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