• NOX signs a technical sponsorship agreement with Ultimate Padel Company (UPC) and its racket become the official one for the WPT Challenger.
  • The Barcelona-based brand believes that the Challengers will have a great impact among padel fans, which plays in favor of its internationalization strategy.
  • At the WPT Challenger 2021, NOX will be promoting the same range of official World Padel Tour rackets including 7 different models.

NOX has reached an official annual sponsorship agreement with Ultimate Padel Company (UPC), the corporation that will be operating the WPT Challenger circuit until 2023. With it, Nox (brand of the Barcelona-based company JJ Ballvé Sports) reinforces its partnership with the main professional circuit worldwide, World Padel Tour.

"Additionally, by endorsing the WPT Challenger circuit, we support players of the highest level who do not always have the opportunity to make themselves known among the general public" - affirms Alfonso Bastida, NOX marketing director - "This way we all contribute in the growth of padel as a sport".

At NOX, they are confident of the great impact that the WPT Challengers will have. "UPC has made a great effort to assimilate the Challengers to the standards of the World Padel Tour," says Alfonso Bastida, "The repercussion will be very high and the tournaments will have a great acceptance among the fans".

"The Challenger circuit will allow us to strengthen our presence in the national territory but, above all, it will allow us to continue to reach fans around the world through streaming broadcasts and further progress in our internationalization strategy," explains NOX's marketing director.

For UPC president Jesús Ferrer, the NOX partnership is a key factor in the evolution of the WPT Challenger and its 'signing' is an absolute success. "It is a well valued brand and loved by the fans" -explains Jesús Ferrer- "And, also, represents values totally aligned with ours, such as effort, passion and competitiveness".

The Nox brand was born in 2009 as a result of the Ballvé brothers' dream, Jesús and José Luís (JJ Ballvé Sports, SL), to become a prestigious sports brand.

Over the years NOX has been consolidated as one of the reference brands in the world of padel by focusing on high quality products and relying on padel figures such as Miguel Lamperti, Agustin Tapia or the Sanchez Alayeto twins.

In 2019, NOX took another step forward in its brand globalization strategy by becoming the official racket of the World Padel Tour. Agreement recently extended until 2024.

For the WPT Challenger and for 2021, "we will be using the same range of official World Padel Tour rackets, which consists of 7 models," explains Alfonso Bastida.

Three of the seven rackets belong to the top range models of the brand or Luxury World Padel Tour, developed with the latest materials and technologies and aimed at the most demanding and experienced players.These rackets are the Nerbo WPT (diamond shaped), Tempo WPT (drop shaped) and the Nexo WPT (round shaped).

The other four models belong to the Advanced World Padel Tour range. These rackets are specially designed for intermediate level players who do not want to give up the high performance and technology of the top range rackets. These are the Attraction WPT (diamond shaped), the Emotion WPT (drop shaped) and the two Equation WPT (round shaped), one of which is more oriented to female public as it has a slightly lower weight range.

On the sponsorship matter, and as equally important for NOX, it is worth mentioning its commitment to top players such as Agustín Tapia (no 8 WPT), the 'atomic' twins Majo and Mapi Sánchez Alayeto (8 and 10, respectively) and Miguel Lamperti (22). But in recent years, it has also made a clear commitment to young players and the promotion of junior players.

Among them, there are many who are likely to play the WPT Challenger: Andrés Britos (72), Léa Godallier (46), Benjamin Tison (101), Lorena Rufo (28), Pilar Escandell (79), Carla Tur (79), Elena Ramírez (76), Jaime Menéndez (97), José María Mouliaa (107), Carmen García Pardo (65), Carlos López and promising players of Team NOX JR like Noa Cánovas (95) or Víctor Tur.

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