Nico Gianotti, top 3 beach tennis player in the world, joins Team NOX

We are delighted to announce that Nico Gianotti, a player in the top 3 of the world ranking of the International Tennis Federation (ITF) in the beach tennis category, is joining Team NOX Beach Tennis.

A native of Réunion Island (France) Nico Gianotti is a backhand player, with electrifying and aggressive play and he stands out for his ability to cover the court and return impossible balls, to the extent that he has earned the nickname “el pulpo" ("the octopus”) among fans and the specialised press.

Nico Gianotti will be based in Brazil, where a large part of the ITF circuit takes place.

"We were on the same wavelength as Nico from the outset. He is a player that we had been following during 2022 and who has had constant progress in the ranking. He is a very calm guy but he transforms when he steps onto the sand, showing an extraordinary competitive character and displaying spectacular play. Fans really enjoy his play and we are convinced that, aside from a future number 1, we have the best brand ambassador." - declared Alfonso Bastida, Marketing Manager at NOX.

In turn, the player declared: "I am happy to have joined a brand like NOX, I really believe that it was the best choice for my future as a professional and that we will achieve great things together. It is a dream for me to play with a racket bearing my name and with a spectacular design. Congratulations to the NOX team that thought up this wonderful racket. I am sure that the fans are going to love it".

Details of the racket developed in conjunction with the player, the NG17, will be revealed over the coming days and it will be available for sale in March.

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