Beat the post-holiday blues with padel!

Supera el síndrome postvacacional jugando al pádel - NOX

After a few weeks of holidays, beaches, travel, fun, and lots of food... we find ourselves already in mid-September and all, to some extent, suffering from the post-holiday blues. For some, the return to routine is an uphill battle and can present with symptoms such as tiredness, sadness, bad moods, insomnia, apathy...So, we’ve prepared a few tips to help you make this period more bearable.

  1. PLAY PADEL! It's the best remedy! It helps release endorphins in your body, which are the proteins that make you feel happy. During a game of padel, your mind is distracted from the stress of going back to work. Engaging in a fun activity with friends is comforting and makes you feel better. And, if you really bring your A game and make the perfect drop shot, you'll leave feeling totally elated.
  2. Carefully organise the tasks you need to do when you go back to work in order of priority, so you don't feel the need to tackle them all at once.
  3. Get to bed early. Usually on holiday we go to bed much later than usual and sleep late in the mornings, and sometimes even take an afternoon nap too! Now we need to get back into a good sleep routine.
  4. It's time to start eating healthy again. Over the summer, we all consume an excess of food and drink. Our intake of alcohol, coffee and soft drinks - as well as big dinners and constant snacks - increases during the holidays.
  5. Find time to have fun. Make sure to schedule in pleasant activities to help you feel more positive.
  6. Avoid dwelling on negative thoughts. Don't spend too much time counting down ‘til your next holiday or worrying about unforeseen circumstances that may arise at work; it won't help. On the contrary, it usually makes you feel more overwhelmed. But, if you do find yourself entering negative territory, one way to combat it is by organising your next game of padel!
  7. Treat yourself to a little gift, such as a brand new padel racquet from NOX. The excitement that you'll get from choosing the right racquet for your playing style, and then counting down to the first game with your new equipment, will push all negative thoughts from your mind. All the information about our range of padel racquets is available at to help you find the perfect one!

We're sure that by following these simple steps, your return to normal life will be much more bearable, and maybe even fun!What do you think?

Good luck!

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