Similarities and differences between the AT10 Luxury Genius Arena, AT10 Luxury Genius and ML10 Luxury padel rackets

Similitudes y diferencias entre las palas de pádel AT10 Luxury Genius Arena, AT10 Luxury Genius y ML10 Luxury Bahía - NOX

At NOX, we like both padel and a proper spectacle, which is why we work with 2 of the sport’s greatest players:

Miguel Lamperti is an institution on the international circuit. It’s an authentic show every time he steps out on the court, and off the court too – he’s one of the world’s most loved players.

Agustín Tapia has revolutionised the sport. In a short time, he’s consolidated himself as one of the best players in the world, and, on top of all of this, is considered by many as the complete player: he has talent, the spirit of sacrifice, imagination, technique, power… and it feels like the only way is up for him.

With the help of these two mavericks, we’ve developed the AT10 Luxury Genius, AT10 Luxury Genius Arena, and ML10 Luxury Bahía padel rackets, alongside other models.

After the avalanche of enquiries we’ve received asking about the differences between these three rackets, we thought we’d set out the characteristics of each one for you, alongside what they have in common and how they differ.

What do the AT10 Luxury Genius, AT10 Luxury Genius Arena and ML10 Luxury Bahía have in common?


The rubber is the same that you’ll find on the iconic ML10 Pro Cup and gives the rackets an immediate feel that favours playability, being neither excessively rigid nor excessively soft. The HR3 rubber is the fruit of years of experience and tests, both on the court and in the lab, to arrive at a rubber density suitable for virtually any player, regardless of their level of play.


We’ve designed a 100% carbon beam. Using the latest technologies, we’ve been able to add more material quantity, with up to 4 cm in the face of the racket to minimise potential fibre breakage that can occur when the face impacts with the ball. With this, we get greater durability both in the beam and for the racket in general, plus a great feeling of stability when playing strokes.


Both Miguel Lamperti and Agustín Tapia agreed in the blind tests carried out with their rackets that this was the material to go for. The 12K carbon fibre brings a touch of stability and durability to the racket, maintaining a balanced weight.


The three rackets have a longer handle length to facilitate their grip, and it’s great for players playing two-handed shots.

What differences are there between the AT10 Luxury Genius, AT10 Luxury Genius Arena and ML10 Luxury Bahía?


In all three cases, the finish will help you add more effect or “slice” to your shots.

On one hand, both the ML10 Luxury Bahía and the AT10 Luxury Genius have a rough finish made from a pre-moulded plastic material in the shape of small hexagons. This type of finish is slightly less efficient than the silica sand finish, but has the advantage of not wearing over time.

On the other, we have the AT10 Luxury Genius Arena with a latest-generation finish made of a lightweight silica sand coating. This finish is super-efficient, particularly in situations where the ball is wet. However, unlike the pre-moulded roughness, the silica sand finish does wear off over time. How long it lasts will depend on your style of play and the number of matches you play a week.


These three padel rackets have a shape mid-way between teardrop and round, which is the main feature determining their perfect balance of power and control.

For the AT10 Luxury Genius and AT10 Luxury Genius Arena rackets, the balance is a little lower. This is thanks to Agustín Tapia, who asked us if we could make a racket that would help him in defensive shots with some extra handling ability. Whereas for the ML10 Luxury Bahía, the balance is a little higher, allowing you to get the most out of your racket when playing different types of smashes.

Model Face material Core material Balance Face finish
AT10 Luxury Genius Arena Carbon fibre 12K HR3 rubber Medium Silica sand
AT10 Luxury Genius Carbon fibre 12K HR3 rubber Medium Premoulded hexagonal
ML10 Luxury Bahía Carbon fibre 12K HR3 rubber Medium-High Premoulded hexagonal
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