What are the differences between the different ML10 Pro Cup rackets?

Miguel Lamperti, the legendary creator of the ML10 Pro Cup.

Padel is a relatively young sport. However, in its short trajectory, it has already produced some legendary players, adored by their fans. Without a doubt, one of the chosen few is Miguel Lamperti , "el Canoso" (the grey-haired one). His eternal grin, his special connection to the stands and his spectacular game have all made Miguel one of the sport’s most beloved players; a padel legend that we all still love to watch.

If Miguel himself is legendary, his iconic racket, the ML10 Pro Cup , is even more so. Developed in conjunction with the player from Bahía Blanca, this racket has been a bestseller ever since its launch date. A position it has never ceded. Its comfort, versatility, resistance, power, and lack of vibration allow all kinds of players with all types of requirements to trust in the "Pro Cup", year after year.

Little by little, the Pro Cup family has grown to currently include 8 different models. Faced with so many options, players often question the differences and similarities between them. Here we describe them in detail.

What characteristics have in common all "Pro Cup"?

Round mould

All ML10 Pro Cup are round shaped rackets. In fact they all share exactly the same mould, except for the 2 ML10 Pro Cup Ultra Light, which have a closed heart. So, all the rackets stand out for their great handling, wide sweet spot, precision and control of the hit.

Intermediate touch

There is not a hard-core Pro Cup. Again, with the exception of the Ultra Light, which is a very soft racket, all Pro Cup are intermediate touch rackets with slight differences creating a wide range, from intermediate/soft to intermediate/hard touch. All the Pro Cup rackets stands out for their great ball exit from the bottom of the court that helps the player not to have to "push" the ball excessively. In defense they behave in an extraordinary way, giving the feeling that "just put the shovel" to get a good ball exit defending an attack by the opponent.

The differences between the different models of ML10 Pro Cup

Classic ML10 Pro Cup. It all began with you.

The classic ML10 Pro Cup was the first racket in the range, and is the most well-known, so this is the benchmark model against which we compare all others. Constructed with a carbon frame, HR3 rubber core, and a metallic fibreglass face, this is the racket most used by Miguel Lamperti in recent years.

ML10 Pro Cup Black Edition y ML10 Pro Cup Silver. A colour to suit any taste.

ML10 Pro Cup Black Edition and the ML10 Pro Cup Silver are almost technically identical to the Pro Cup classic, with different aesthetics. Other than the colour, the Silver racket also features a lower weight range (350-365g compared to 360-375g), adapted for female players.

ML10 Survivor y ML10 Survivor Grey. The warrior sisters.

With the Survivor rackets, we begin to see the first differences in the materials used for different Pro Cup models. The first “guerrilla" to hit the market was the ML10 Survivor , whose only difference from the ML10 Pro Cup classic is its use of HR3 Black rubber. This rubber is somewhat denser than the white HR3, which gives it a slightly harder feel.

In addition to this, the ML10 Survivor Grey  also features a matte finish that results in a different, slightly “dry” touch.

ML10 Pro Cup Ultra Light y Ultra Light Silver. For smaller players.

The main difference found in these two versions is that the rackets have a much lower weight range of 310-325g, thanks to the HR2 rubber core. The dimensions of the rackets are the same as normal, but the weight and handle have been adapted to suit smaller players, which helps them learn to handle the courts with normal-sized rackets. These are 38mm rackets with the same dimensions (height and width) as a normal adult racket. This makes both the ML10 Pro Cup Ultra Light  and the ML10 Pro Cup Ultra Light Silver excellent padel rackets for kids, as it makes the jump to adult rackets much easier when the time comes.

ML10 Pro Cup 10th Anniversary. A toast to the first 10, and to many more.

The ML10 Pro Cup 10th Anniversary is the racket that differs most from the Pro Cup classic. Made with an innovative multilayered core&mdashfirst introduced in the Luxury rackets from the World Padel Tour series&mdashand 3K carbon fibre faces. The 3K carbon fibre provides a more metallic touch when compared with the Pro Cup classic but, contrary to how this sounds, this does not result in a harder racket; rather the opposite, thanks to the multilayered core. The combination of a rigid face and flexible core gives the 10th Anniversary racket a very distinctive, deep and explosive sound.

In summary

ModelFaceCoreWeight (g)FinishFeel
ML10 Pro Cup
Fiber Glass SilverHR3360-375ShinyIntermediate
ML10 Pro Cup Black Edition
Fiber Glass SilverHR3360-375ShinyIntermediate
ML10 Pro Cup Silver
Fiber Glass SilverHR3350-365ShinyIntermediate
ML10 Survivor
Fiber Glass SilverHR3 Black360-375ShinyIntermediate/hard
ML10 Survivor Gris
Fiber Glass SilverHR3 Black360-375MatteIntermediate/hard
ML10 Pro Cup Ultra Light
Fiber Glass SilverHR2310-325ShinySoft
ML10 Pro Cup Ultra Light Silver
Fiber Glass SilverHR2310-325ShinySoft
ML10 Pro Cup 10th Anniversary
Fiber Carbon 3KMulti Layered Core360-375Mate and shinyIntermediate/soft

Now, with the purchase of any racket from the ML10 Pro Cup range you get the gift of the authentic Miguel Lamperti fan shirt with his battle cry: ¡VAMOS MIGUELITO! Valid offer while having stock.

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