How to hit a 3-metre smash in padel

Cómo hacer el remate por 3 en pádel - NOX

The three-metre smash is one of the most spectacular shots in our sport, the aim is to hit the ball, getting it to bounce on the opponent´s side, rebound on the back wall and go out over the side wall (which is 3m high, hence its name).

Although it is not 100% decisive, as the opponent could go off the court in order to return the ball (if the characteristics of the court and its surroundings allow it), if you manage to master the 3-metre smash, you will turn it into a point most of the time. To do so, you need to practice a lot, as this shot requires a good mastery of technique and a certain level of striking power. 

Tactical aspects:

When can you hit a 3-metre smash?

Before deciding if you want to hit a 3-metre smash you need to evaluate your position on the court. As a general rule, you should do so when you get a comfortable lob from the opponent and try to strike the ball at the highest point possible. The closer you are to the net the better, the further you are from the net the more difficulty you will have getting it out with a 3-metre shot as you will have to put more top spin on the ball. 

Where to aim the ball?

The easiest thing is to aim the ball across you, trying to hit it parallel, although also possible, makes the shot more difficult. The ball needs to bounce approximately 1m before the service line and rebound 2.5m from the back corner at the greatest height possible.

If you are at a more advanced level and manage to put great top spin on the ball, you can hit this shot further from the net, thus the ball will bounce closer to the wall and, although it will impact at a lower height, the ball will fly off upwards and that will make it go out for a 3-metre shot.

In any case, when you decide to hit this shot you need to be certain about it as, if your smash is at medium height, it will be possible for your opponents to counter-attack. 

Technical aspects:

1st How to position yourself to hit a smash in padel?

We previously stated that you need to strike the ball at the highest point possible and, to do so, it is very important to move quickly and calculate the trajectory of the ball, position yourself sideways (left foot forward if you are right-handed or vice versa if you are left-handed) and aim the ball with the hand not holding the racket. You need to prepare your arm lifting the racket behind your head.   

2nd When to hit the ball with a smash in padel?

At the point when the ball is falling you need to propel yourself using your feet and extend your arm, calculating the point of impact as high as possible. You need to open up the face of the racket and release your wrist forward to create the top spin that will make the ball rotate over itself forwards. You will finish the shot on the side of the hip opposite your hitting arm. 

It is somewhat difficult to describe this movement, but in the videos of our stars from #Teamnox, Majo Sánchez Alayeto, Agustín Tapia and Miguel Lamperti, you can analyse it perfectly.

We hope that you can get better with our help, NOX makes you improve! 

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