How to do the backhand in padel

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The backhand stroke in padel is considered one of the fundamental strokes and it is very important to perform this stroke well in order to boost your level of play.

Before starting with the technical explanation of this stroke, it is highly advisable to think about what kind of backhand is best for you.

One-handed or two-handed backhand?

Like everything else, it depends. If you are starting out and have no previous experience in racket sports, we recommend that you use the one-handed backhand ground stroke (this stroke will be explained in our post today). If you come from a tennis background, for example, doing the two-handed backhand will be easier for you but remember that you will only use it as a backhand WITHOUT wall bounce.

Disadvantages of the two-handed backhand

  1. You'll have difficulty hitting the ball out low or far away.
  2. It's very likely that the grip of the racket won't allow you to comfortably put both hands on it.
  3. You will not be able to use the backspin if you use both hands

Advantages of the two-handed backhand

  1. Increased leverage to hit the ball.
  2. Ideal for former tennis players.
  3. For returns or shots off the side wall it is perfect.
  4. It is very difficult to know where the ball will go.
  5. Injuries due to epicondylitis or tennis elbow are notably reduced

The most important factor for the backhand is the grip

The ideal way to perform the backhand ground stroke is to grab the racket with a continental grip, just as if you were holding a hammer. This will allow you to enhance the movement with more freedom.

Now that we’ve explained that part, what are the phases of the backhand ground stroke?

Preparation or waiting phase

The waiting phase is usually the first phase for any of the shots we take from the back of the court. Before performing the backhand ground stroke you must:

  1. Stand completely on your side, with your feet pointing towards the side wall.
  2. Dominant hand with continental grip and non-dominant hand over the face of the racket.
  3. Legs semi-flexed and placed at shoulder distance.
  4. Oscillate with your feet to one side or one foot forward. Any movements that you make is good, the important thing is not to remain immobile.
  5. Keep your arms close to your body.
  6. The body has to be oriented towards the opponent who has the ball.
  7. The weight of the body should be slightly forward.

Preparation Phase


The most important thing for padel shots is to always send them with your shoulder facing the net.

Follow the instructions below:

  1. Turn your shoulders and step backwards to stand completely sideways to the ball.
  2. Adjust the distance from the racket to the ball with small steps depending on how the ball comes.
  3. When you start to prepare the shot, it is important that the racket is at waist level and that you point its frame forward.
  4. Pull the racket back so that it points to the back wall.
  5. Keep your arms relatively close to your body so that you can execute a more natural shot.
  6. Leave the non-dominant hand on the racket core just up until the moment of hitting.

Hitting Phase

 Once you have prepared your arm for the shot, it’s time to hit:

  1. Support the front foot to transfer body weight from back to front.
  2. Advance the racket forward until it hits at the height of the front foot, at which point the non-dominant hand releases the racket face.
  3. Depending on the height of the ball you will have to bend more or bend less. If the ball is low, you will have to bend more and hit closer to the ground.
  4. Hit the ball.
  5. Continue to move forward with the dominant hand (the one making the shot) until the arm is fully extended and the racket face faces forward.
  6. Bring the non-dominant hand backwards in a straight line with the hitting hand.
  7. The feet remain in the same position without taking any additional steps.

Once you have finished executing the shot, remember to reposition yourself to continue playing.

Check the video attached to the article to see in detail how

Majo Sánchez Alayeto, Agustín Tapia y Miguel Lamperti, three wizards of #TeamNox, perform this shot. Their skills let us enjoy their game in every match!

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