Team Nox Pro

Team NOX, more international than ever. Paddle tennis is going global, and it is no longer rare to see players outside of Spain and Argentina raise their heads and compete professionally. At NOX we know this and we have the best.


Elena Ramírezis one of the players who has been with the brand the longest. She is always giving her all to achieve her goals. She won't take anything less than the top spot. 

Carmen García Pardo is a player who has risen meteorically. She has gone from struggling to making it into the lower ranks to playing up there with the best.

Andrés Britosthe buffalo of Team Nox. He never gives up on a ball. Effort, sacrifice and tons of work make one of the best right hands of the circuit. He’s always fighting to play with the best.


Jose Mª Mouliaaa player who is the embodiment of the NOX brand, is always working to improve himself every day. The man from Murcia is a staple of the lower ranks and fights to reach the top and play with the best.


Jaime Menéndez, a tireless fighter who seeks to improve every day. Best of luck on this journey together.

Léa Godallier, the Franco-Polynesian girl who had her first padel training in early 2018, has managed to combine her skills and her physical potential to knock on the doors of the WPT TOP 50 in just 2 years, a meteoric projection! The bests players in the rankings no longer take their eyes off her...


Nils Skajaa, the best player in Denmark. Absolute champion of his country in 2019.


Esben Hess-Olesen, absolute champion of Denmark along with Nils Skajaa. 



The Brazilian Mariana Altmayer is one of the best in her country and is leading the national rankings. 


The young Brazilian Matheus Simonato is making a name for himself in his country and showing that the global status of paddle tennis is a reality.


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