Miguel Lamperti

If you put Paddle tennis and charisma together, the equation can be easily solved: Miguel Lamperti. The most iconic Paddle tennis player in the world still has everyone talking about him on the WPT circuit. It’s rare to not see him smiling while practicing what he likes best, which is playing paddle tennis. The grey-haired man from Bahía Blanca has one of the best x3 shots in the world, which can be seen at every game. You will never see him sad; he will always have a smile for you; he will never back out of a photo or autograph, and everyone will always be amazed with his game, which is nothing short of spectacular. A NOX franchise player, he has been connected with the brand for over ten years and he is pleased to introduce you to his more personal and professional side.

Personal Information

Place of Birth Bahía Blanca (Argentina)
Date of birth November 11th,  1978
Height 1,80 m
Position Backhand
Dominant hand Right
Plays with Lucas Bergamini


Racket ML10 Pro Cup Black Edition
Racket Bag ML10 Competition
Accessories Toallita de agarre


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